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The Anti-Trump


Josh Voorhees offers a summary of Elizabeth Warren’s many worthwhile policy proposals, and observes that they’re part of a larger, coherent view of how politics has to work for problems to be solved:

With nearly every proposal, Warren identifies something she sees as a serious problem—and often the specific entities that are causing that problem—and then points to the levers of government she’d pull to fix them. She doesn’t have a monopoly on all of these issues. Sanders, for instance, has his own plans to tax the wealthy. Harris and Booker have similarly made addressing the black maternal mortality rate a priority. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Buttigieg and, to a lesser degree, O’Rourke and Harris have taken aim at the Electoral College. But taken together, Warren’s plans bolster her general worldview in ways that the rest of the field’s more limited policy offerings do not. Her policy portfolio proves that Warren means it when she says she both believes in the power of the market and in the need for strong, enforceable rules to make the market fairer and more equitable.

How much traction it will ultimately get among voters I can’t tell you, but it’s been very impressive.

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