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Shades of the prison house begin to close upon the growing boy. Or: John Kelly’s new gig.

Photo by Ye Jinghan on Unsplash

The grown-up in the room is reaping the rewards of his grown-upship.

Caliburn International confirmed to CBS News that Kelly had joined its board of directors. Caliburn is the parent company of Comprehensive Health Services, which operates Homestead and three other shelters for unaccompanied migrant children in Texas. 

Prior to joining the Trump administration in January 2017, Kelly had been on the board of advisors of DC Capital Partners, an investment firm that now owns Caliburn.


“With four decades of military and humanitarian leadership, in-depth understanding of international affairs and knowledge of current economic drivers around the world, General Kelly is a strong strategic addition to our team,” said James Van Dusen, Caliburn’s CEO. “Our board remains acutely focused on advising on the safety and welfare of unaccompanied minors who have been entrusted to our care and custody by the Department of Health and Human Services to address a very urgent need in caring for and helping to find appropriate sponsors for these unaccompanied minors.”

The DHS’ kidnapping victims are worth a mint to companies like Caliburn.

Kelly joined DC Capital’s board in February 2016 and stepped down in January 2017 when he was confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security. Kelly switched jobs in July 2017 to become President Trump’s chief of staff, a position he left at the end of 2018.


During Kelly’s tenure, the administration pursued ambitious changes to immigration enforcement, and the average length of stay for an unaccompanied migrant child in U.S. custody skyrocketed.

In the past year, Comprehensive Health Services, the only private company operating shelters, became one of the most dominant players in the industry. Last August, it secured three licenses for facilities in Texas, totaling 500 beds, and in December, the Homestead facility began expanding from a capacity of 1,250 beds to 3,200. 

Pure coincidence, stop trying to connect the two huge dots that are sitting right next to each other.

I wish I had a better memory for names, I’d like to tell all the people who praised him as a bold leader who would curb the Orange Squash’s worst excesses to go fuck themselves right now.

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