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If You’re Catching Flak From Both Sides, You Must Be Over the Target!


Ah. “I TOUCHED A NERVE,” the first and last refuge of people with terrible ideas everybody hates:

Schultz was minutes into his informal campaign-trail debut in January when a protester interrupted, imploring the “egotistical billionaire asshole” not to help reelect Donald Trump. Sitting onstage at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square, Schultz looked on, blankly, but members of his team, who were watching, annoyed, concluded almost immediately that the man — who was getting dragged off by security — must be what one of them soon called a “professional hater.”

Once the evening’s programming was over, and the microphones were off, Schultz, surprised but electrified, turned to his longtime friend Billy Etkin and said, “We’ve clearly struck a nerve.” Peter Chiarelli, the former Army vice–chief of staff who’s helping organize Schultz’s presidential exploration, told me he’d seen a television segment that concluded such an interruption was inevitable there, in downtown Manhattan, so he decided to laugh it off as a fringe stunt

Ah, perfect: I would assume that this Peter Chiarelli is to political organizing what the other Peter Chiarelli is to running a hockey team.

Looking forward to hearing the thoughts of chief strategist Trent Richardson and public policy director Hue Jackson.

Plus, said the retired general, he’s not on social media, so while he knows it’s getting rough for Schultz, he mostly ignores the raging masses — the hordes of Democrats from both left and center baffled that this guy doesn’t see he might accidentally help reelect a president he professes to hate — anyway. It’s like Schultz keeps telling his team behind closed doors, meaning to reassure them: “We touched the third rail! And this is what happens when we touch the third rail!”

“When you talk about extremely popular programs to ensure that taxes on billionaires stay low, you will get lots of criticism.” Truly brilliant stuff here.

So what are his “ideas?”

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said Wednesday he would establish an informal partisan veto in Congress if he is elected president, pledging to refuse to sign any bill unless it is supported by members of both parties.

He made the un­or­tho­dox proposal, which risks grinding Congress to a halt if Democrats or Republicans are united in opposition to a bill, as he launched a second phase of his effort to drum up support for a possible independent presidential campaign with a policy speech in Miami.

“I would not sign any legislation — none — into law that does not have bipartisan support,” Schultz said. “We need to be candid with the American people and admit, yes, that both sides have good ideas if we work together.”


Speaking at Miami Dade College, Schultz promised to nominate only Supreme Court justices who could be confirmed by two-thirds of the Senate, and he challenged Republican and Democratic candidates to join him in this pledge.

He’ll sit down with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer and tell them to cut the bullshit! One perennial of vanity wank campaigns is that the people who are most convinced that they alone can solve all our political problems are the people that understand them the least.
But, then, it’s clear his only goal in running is to punish Democrats if they don’t run Joe Biden, and your ideas don’t have to be popular to be a vehicle enough suburbanites disgusted by Trump but also wary of the Democratic nominee after months of negative coverage use to park their votes to flip a close race.

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