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What Is Beyond Self-Parody?


It has been just amazing watching people who have been saying since summer 2016 that the idea that Russia was ratfucking the elections on behalf of Donald Trump was a paranoid liberal fantasy claiming full 100% vindication (just like their president Donald J. Trump, who do they do not support, was totally 100% exonerated by the partisan summary of an unseen report that doesn’t even claim he was 100% exonerated) when the summary explicitly acknowledges the Russian ratfucking campaign:

Hmm, I wonder why someone who was handed exclusive leaks by the ratfuckers and dutifully hyped up a bunch of inane trivia like he had been handed the Pentagon Papers doesn’t want Russia’s role in the 2016 elections discussed!

In fairness, few people are more carefully attuned to what the typical Democratic voter is thinking:

I mean, yes, some liberals were a little credulous about Avenatti — as discussed at the time, I was amazed how many liberals thought his intervention into a confirmation that could only be stopped by Republican senators would be helpful — but the idea that he had any serious presidential constituency was nuts even before his grift was fully established. (As Nate goes on to say, look at the “outsider” candidates getting attention in the Democratic primary — Pete Buttigieg is an almost perfect inversion of Trump.)

Let’s conclude with the less paradoic version:

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