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They’re All Bad


Yesterday I saw some people talking about how every person who runs for president should automatically be disqualified. It’s a popular sentiment that’s been around for a long time. And I hate it.

I hate it because it’s lazy thinking that doesn’t allow for nuance. Every person on the planet (except for Donald Trump, who is really just a sentient whoopee cushion) contains multitudes. People are complex and flawed.

It’s true that no one who runs for president is going to suffer from low self-esteem. But that’s a probably a good thing. There’s a reason I’m not running and it’s not just because I would be criminally unqualified. People don’t want Neurotic Eeyore as a leader, and they shouldn’t!

I think the vast majority of people run for president because they want to help people, because they have an actual interest governing, they have a vision for the country they’d like to see enacted through policy. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the considerable perks that come with the job, but, as I said, people contain multitudes.

Cynicism can be good and useful in evaluating the political field–critical even. But in the end I think this kind of thinking is immensely damaging and leads to a kind of stupid, lazy cynicism we really don’t need right now. Besides, this is all moot. The clear choice for 2020 is right before us:

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