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The One MAGA Hat Mystery I Can’t Solve


Something I think a lot about is the mind of the hard core Trump fan. Sure, the MSM has done countless pieces on what motivates them, but I’m still left with one question: Is it Trump–as is–they love? Or do they secretly wish he were telegenic, bright, articulate and polished?

It’s a question I can’t begin to answer because I simply cannot get a grasp on what MAGA people think are objectively good qualities. For instance, I find Trump difficult to watch. At his rallies or at a podium in front of a Teleprompter I just want to punch him. Real bad. Just right in his big old ham head. But do they find him engaging? Charming? Probably! I don’t know!

I suspect that they like his humble tastes–his penchant for shoveling various greasy “meats” into his bitter little “o” mouth. I’m guessing it makes them feel less guilty for their garbage taste in food. (NOTE: I occasionally eat–and ENJOY!–fast food.) I suspect that at least some of them may actually think his garishly-decorated penthouse is tasteful.

BUT I can’t help but notice that many depictions of him–in cartoons and fan art–tend to portray him significantly younger and thinner, with a full head of golden hair. He’s often portrayed as cunning and smart–a man playing 11-dimensional chess, when we all know he hasn’t mastered 2-dimensional Candyland.

America, run girl!

So, as it stands, I have no idea whether the Redhats love their big, dumb gross buffoon or secretly wish their fascist daddy looked and acted more like Mitt Romney. What say you?

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