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More hats for Mulvaney

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I did think President Belittled Hands was going to make one of his adult offspring America’s next top Chief of Staff. They were unlikely to say no, which would have prevented the amusing-for-us-damaging-to-DJT’s-ego spectacle of people turning him down, despite his claims that he has a lot of girlfriends from Canada lots of people were interested in the job.

Trump advisers cautioned that the president is unpredictable and to not call anyone a front-runner. Trump told advisers on Tuesday that he liked the guessing game surrounding the position, and the number of names out there showed that people were interested in the position and in joining his administration.

“We have a lot of people that want the job, chief of staff,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday, noting that he could take the remainder of the month to decide.

And he could boss around, demean or ignore his offspring as his Adderall-fueled mood demanded.

However, after a momentary period of You’re shitting me, I realized his decision to have Mulvaney wear two MAGA hats is also perfectly in character.

The White House confirmed Friday night that Mick Mulvaney will stay on as the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) even after he takes over as President Trump’s acting chief of staff.

“Mick Mulvaney will not resign from the Office Of Management and Budget, but will spend all of his time devoted to his role as the acting Chief Of Staff for the President. Russ Vought will handle day to day operations and run OMB,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

Because DJT must surely be the laziest president ever and picking a clown who is already inside the tent required the least amount of effort. Reading resumes, interviewing people, making decisions. It all cuts into time he could be spending in front of the TV, Tweeting or playing golf. It would explain why his first choice was Nick Ayers, Mike Pence’s chief of staff, a desire which prompted Politico to make an ass of itself — again — with “Nick Ayers is Trump’s next chief of staff — unless his enemies can stop him” a few days before the enemy named Nick Ayers made Nick Ayers mutter about the need to spend time with his three young kiddies and sidle out of the room.

And the announcement that Mulvaney would become the new grown up in the room was done in the manner we’ve all come to expect from the man. Sloppily, without warning and to protect his precious ego.

Trump made the impulsive announcement in order to “disprove” critics who noted the lack of interest in taking this horrible job. His decision was so hasty that he blew off a Monday meeting with another job candidate, and hired Mulvaney, who was not even seeking the job when Trump saw him.

Having Vought become the acting director of the OMB while Mulvaney is acting Chief of Staff also spares the Cheeto-in-Chief the task of finding someone to replace Vought. And that’s assuming that he doesn’t expect Mulvaney to act as OMB director to spare him the trouble of an extra meeting that might disrupt his Executive Time. I believe all of Mulvaney’s children are out of grade school, so unless he can get DHS Secretary Nielsen to give him a few of the babies she has stolen he may be stuck with the new job and the  current job

It’s possible that having one person wear multiple hats will be the new abnormal for this administration, especially as risk-adverse members decide to start their redemption tours early. And it would be something that any Republican could spin: Having one person with four or five titles would show that Republicans are efficient and good at cutting waste, and cutting paychecks for themselves. And when the level of clusterfuckery increases they can say it proves that the government is inefficient and we need to sell everything to the highest bidder.

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