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What Would We Be Without Wishful Thinking


Ruth Bader Ginsburg has announced, unsurprisingly, that the only why she’s leaving her commission during Trump’s first term is in a box. But Col. Mustard has some very sincere and not-at-all disingenuous advice about how RBG could really go out with a bang:

I’m a little surprise by Ginsburg’s 5-year plan. My expectation was that she would retire in the summer of 2020, a presidential election year. That would motivate liberals, and would present conservatives with a test of the Merrick Garland doctrine — that a president doesn’t get a vote on a Supreme Court nomination close to a presidential election.

Retiring in the summer of 2020 would be Notorious RBG’s way of going out in style.

LOL sure. “OK, there’s a 100% chance Trump would get a nominee confirmed if Republicans control the Senate and RBG leaves any time in the 2020 calendar year. But Mitch McConnell would be, for the first time, exposed as a hypocrite! And boy, would Republicans ever hate that tradeoff, yessireee.” Unless RBG and Pat Leahy do a mind-switch like in a bad 80s comedy I don’t think this scenario is going to come to pass.

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