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The Anti-Anti Trump Tendency: A Play In Three Acts


1. “Implying any kind of partisan motive to Wikileaks’s actions during the 2016 campaign is outrageous.”

2.”Please, please, please give us this stuff before the DNC convention to it can be used to maximize the chances of Trump winning.”

3. “OK, sure, now that hacked emails have shown explicitly that the only thing that could be logically inferred from his actions was true: Assange was ratfucking the election to support Trump. However, but it was because of a zero-dimensional Hungry Hungry Hippos theory that more right-wing presidents produce more left-wing results so he was the Real Leftist don’t believe the verbatim quotes from the neoliberal media. So needless to say the amount of time I spent hyping inane trivia in furtherance of this conspiracy is also above reproach.”

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