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Go Eat at Cracker Barrel, Sarah


Trump people have a peculiar relationship with diverse cities and towns and the people who populate them. On the one hand they want to partake of their culture, their architecture, infrastructure, food, and sports. But at the same time they abhor the blacks, latinos, immigrants, LGTBQ, and liberals who make great towns possible. They hate the very people that create and support the cultural backbone of this nation.

From the working class people who make every town run, to the innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives that come from every background you can imagine (including immigrants and children of immigrants), it’s cities’ diversity and the loathed liberals who celebrate and support that diversity that make them vibrant, exciting and able to grow.

So when Sarah Sanders wants to avail herself of great food in an establishment that is probably run by and supported by immigrants, minorities and libertine liberals who enjoy seasoned food, it’s hard for me to work up any sympathy for her. Go eat at Cracker Barrel, Sarah. It’s all you deserve.

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