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Real Americans Eat French’s


The Trump-Macron state dinner sounds awful; mostly because of Trump but Macron sucks too (boy, with more political parties this nation could have a choice like France–an awful neoliberal or a fascist! What a great goal for multi-party electoral activists to spend a lifetime to achieve!). Of course, I am not in electoral politics so I don’t have to pretend I like people I do not like. Anyway, the meal is pretty fancy.

The menu will consist of three courses, which will include American dishes with French influences. The main course will be a rack of spring lamb with Carolina gold rice jambalaya.

The White House will serve wines made from French plants harvested in Oregon.

My God. That’s some crazy food right there! Could there be macaroons for desert!?! Standard food in any nice Louisiana restaurant–or for that matter, a side dish at Popeye’s–is pretty exotic! Of course, that’s not going to let Erick Erickson stop from playing a classic food as culture war card.

What a big man Erick Erickson is. A big, big man. He eats big man food. This is a man who only eats French’s, like a good American. You know what Hillary and her welfare queen coastal elite homosexual lobby eat don’t you? Grey Poupon! Those traitors! Lock Her Up!

Of course, Erickson’s a real American unlike that known Stalinist Hank Williams.

Christ, this nation is stupid. Of course, Trump’s lamb will be extra extra extra well done, making the nation even more stupid.

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