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This morning in the Dunning-Kruger presidency


The president of the United States’ analysis of why a trade war with China is a good idea:

I remember the day — this must have been around the time of Tet offensive, so 50 years ago — when Joey Muscolino explained the domino theory to me.  My eight-year-old self was unsure why our country was fighting a war in a small country on the other side of the world, but Joey explained to me during recess on the playground at Thurston Elementary School that if we let one country be taken over by the communists, then that would make it easier for them to take over the country next door, and then the country next to that one, and so on.  It was like dominoes falling.
Since I had lined up and knocked down plenty of dominoes, Joey’s surprisingly elegant geopolitical theory made all kinds of sense to me.
Some people never get past a typical eight-year-old’s ability to understand complicated issues, which is fine I guess, but making any of them president of the United States is, as has been observed on this blog a few times before, sub-optimal.
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