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A feces panini that hates tRump is still a feces panini


There certainly is no shortage of very serious pompous privileged scolds who claim that Democrats — especially underprivileged ones — should tolerate and even welcome people who object to their existence because The Republicans are Worse. Jonathan Last, digital editor for the Weekly Standard, is not the first person to make such an argument, but yesterday he managed to compress everything wrong with it into two Tweets.

Final thought on the Left’s Kevin Williamson freak-out. If they truly believed Trump was a potential extinction-level event, they’d welcome any ally, no matter how distasteful they found them.

The Left in this instance is convenient shorthand for people who object to Williamson’s ideas.

Such as the idea that women who receive abortions should be hanged alongside the clinicians who provide them. Or that there should be no rape/incest exceptions in laws that restrict abortions. Or that concern about rape on college campuses is similar to the satanic cult hysteria of the 80s.

And of course there’ll be homophobia, transphobia, racism and Islamophobia.

But calling all of those people The Left, which finds Williamson Distasteful, in addition to being shorter and easier to spell, allows Last to glide past the reasons for the “freak out” and get down to the business of brandishing the world’s feeblest Gotcha! by claiming that if The Left was really that concerned about Donald the Old Beast Dotard, they’d welcome someone who objects to DJT’s style, but not his substance.

Perhaps sensing that his initial thoughtlet didn’t convince the reader, or perhaps he wasn’t sure what he meant, or what final means, Last tries his Gotcha! again. He adds some Emotion to make Williamson look like that imaginary Vietnam vet the right still goes on about and say Oogabooga TruuuuUUUuump some more, but the only thing it helps is to cement the reader’s initial opinion: Last is a dolt.

The fact that they spit on anti-Trump conservatives like Williamson suggests they don’t *really* believe that we’re at an unusually dangerous moment. They think they’re going to win big and can push for more w/out any cost. Strikes me as a foolish view of Trump but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s odd how the spittle only flies in one direction. Right wing hacks who call for the deaths of women who receive abortions or misgender transgender people are just trying to make friends, apparently. And anyway, once a member of The Right steps across the five-fathoms deep bar that is not liking Trump, all should be forgiven. Because Trump. TruuUUUump!

Many things are missing from Last’s finger wag. For example, he does not explain how the hell taking a job at The Atlantic means that Williamson is now an ally of the left, or even The Left.

He doesn’t say, and I’ve seen no sign, that Williamson has stopped being a multi-tasking bigot or that he will no longer support and vote for any sack of greed and venom with an (R) after its name, provided it isn’t named Donald Trump.

In short, Last utterly fails to explain why The Left – that is, the people who don’t want to be hung, misgendered or subjected to discrimination – shouldn’t continue to treat Williamson like the right wing shithead he has shown himself to be.

And talking of the foolishness of expecting Never-Trumpers to be allies of The Left.

Yes, he has read Williamson’s work. Yes, he still used words to describe it.

Shut up, old man.

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