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Extremely Rare Link Thread


I hate putting up lazy link threads, but I was driving all day, am tired, and have a lot of links I want to deal with. So my apologies.

Kris Kobach is a douche and an idiot, in addition to being a racist.

On the other hand, Larry Krasner is awesome and is setting a new standard for what the left can demand on criminal justice reform.

I will have more on this, but here’s where Kirsten Gillibrand said she supported full employment, with more information on policy possibilities and polling around it.

Because Americans always think of native peoples last when considering various issues, hardly anyone has asked how Trump’s border wall will affect them. But for the Tohono O’odham, it splits their nation in half.

Barring extraordinary technological restoration, say goodbye to the white rhino. The Sixth Extinction is great!

In other news, I happened to visit campus for the first time since the end of June (God bless sabbatical!) and discovered an anonymous reader had sent me a beautiful kitchen knife and a copy of one of the recent Library of America Mary McCarthy volumes. And then I get home and Howard has sent me the gift of music. I want to express my great appreciation for this. We here at LGM actually spend a lot of time and barely paid labor make this site work, to write articles, and to use apply our policy knowledge to the public sphere, which at this point covers a lot of different areas of expertise. So thanks to all who add a bit to our lives for making this happen.

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