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Ranking the Post-War Presidents


Incredibly and annoyingly, public rankings of post-World War II presidents routinely show that JFK is the most popular president, while LBJ falls just ahead of Nixon and, in recent versions of this, just behind Trump. I hate the JFK myth very much, as he was massively overrated and still benefits from being a handsome young man with a beautiful young wife in an era of television when Baby Boomers were too young to vote but old enough to remember things. Incidentally, for Republicans along, the rankings go 1) Reagan, 2) Trump, 3) W. Hmmmm….. Anyway, Tim Lacy provides his rankings here, largely based on what they got done. I don’t necessarily agree with it all. I certainly wouldn’t place Eisenhower 2nd, although otherwise I don’t have any strong feelings about his rankings. Of course, we all know that Matt Stoller’s definitive rankings of Truman as the greatest president of all time while Barack Obama resides somewhere below Calvin Coolidge can never be refuted…..

Anyway, my rankings:
1) Obama
2) Johnson
3) Truman
4) Eisenhower
5) Kennedy
6) Clinton
7) Bush Sr
8) Carter
9) Nixon
10) Ford
11) Reagan
12) W
13) Cheeto

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