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Great Moments In Murc’s Law


You might think that Republicans having control of both branches of government and the White House would make it impossible for political reporters and pundits to deflect responsibility from them when they can’t execute basic tasks of government. As you know if you read this blog, would be very wrong!

If only Dick Durbin had the Comity and Integritude to lie repeatedly about what Trump said, like Tom Cotton and David “it takes a tough man to be tender for Trump” Perdue, we wouldn’t have all these problems! Why does the Democrat Party keep preventing Republicans from supporting DACA?

The heuristic the typical voter uses to resign responsibility is to assign it to whoever controls the White House. This is often wrong. But it’s better than the heuristic used by the typical political reporter or pundit, “no matter who controls what, the Democratic Party is fully responsible.” And of course, there’s the particularly dumb lefty variant, “when Republicans I spent a year before the election assuring you were basically harmless pass terrible legislation with zero Democratic votes, that proves the Democrat Party secretly favors it.”

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