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Christmas Open Thread on Beer Commercials


I am spending this fine holiday season in Oregon, where I braved Oregon drivers in winter weather to pick up my wife last night at the Portland airport (Pro tip: If you slow down, you won’t slide off the road. Who knew!) Having survived that experience, we slept in a bit and then opened presents. So it’s a bit early still for me to be consuming adult beverages. But for you on the east coast, on a snowy Christmas, I expect most of you degenerates to be deep in your cups. So via special request, here is an open thread for some of your favorite all-time beer commercials. Here’s a few good ones to get us started.

Growing up in the Northwest, Rainier commercials were the coin of the cool realm.

But even a bit of searching on YouTube leads one to strange and bizarre beer ads of the past.

Here’s Mickey Rooney pitching Rainier in an opera.

And here’s a 1986 ad parodying a Jacques Cousteau quest to find the Rainier Light. Whether they also found flavor seems unlikely.

Anyway, that’s just a bit from Rainier. Share your favorite beer commercials, past and present. Better than spending time with your kids.

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