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Don Choad on the Road


Spot the obvious lie.

Trump’s political aides have met with 116 candidates for office in recent months, according to senior White House officials, seeking to become involved in Senate, House and gubernatorial races — and possibly contested Republican primaries as well.

The president has told advisers that he wants to travel extensively and hold rallies and that he is looking forward to spending much of 2018 campaigning. He has also told aides that the elections would largely determine what he can get done — and that he expects he would be blamed for losses, such as last week’s humiliating defeat that handed a Senate seat in Alabama to a Democrat for the first time in 25 years.

“For the president, this isn’t about adulation and cheering crowds,” White House political director Bill Stepien said in an interview. “This is about electing and reelecting Republicans.”

The only reason I’m not certain the 116 potential candidates aren’t all fictional is because the article doesn’t say when those meetings took place: Before or after his sortadorsement of Luther Strange and the events that followed.

And besides, there are a lot of totalitarian trashvolk with intellects so tiny that they can’t get from one side of a sentence to the other without the help of a Boy Scout who are looking at what’s in the White House now and thinking Why not me?

Maybe he’ll make a TV show out of the selection process and then require the winners of the Gold-plated Endorsement to wear MAGAdise during the entire campaign.

But any candidate who believes Napoleorange won’t use 2018 as an early opportunity to preen and ramble and bask in the applause of his MAGAts before he starts his 2020 bid deserves to stand there, uncomfortable smile nailed to le visage, while #StupidestPresidentEver talks about himself for 90 minutes, urges the crowd to buy MAGAwear, and then tells them he’s behind the candidate pretty much all of the way.

Of course if DOPUS had his way, he wouldn’t endorse anyone at all until he thought it was safe. That is, after a Republican candidate has won the election and he can swoop in and take credit. Getting him over his distaste for picking a side – because that comes with the risk of Total Embarrassment – is going to be a lot of fun for Republican candidates who do want his stink all over their campaigns. Especially in states where S. Bannon is running his shit stirring establishment smashing king making show.

Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon remains another wild card as he pledges to continue backing anti-establishment candidates like Moore. In Nevada, for example, Bannon has told others he will help raise money for Danny Tarkanian, an insurgent candidate with a controversial past planning to challenge Sen. Dean Heller (R), while Trump has yet to make a commitment. Bannon also wants to back Chris McDaniel for Senate if he runs in Mississippi, while Trump and McConnell support Sen. Roger Wicker (R).

Bannon’s rift with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is particularly treacherous for Trump, who is expected to try to thread the needle, and could make it more difficult to recruit establishment candidates. Last week, defeated Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie — who was endorsed by Trump and attempted to reach Trump voters with incendiary positions on immigration and crime — said the political atmosphere was so “poisonous” that he would not recommend that other Republicans run for office.

Don’t go out there! The air is so nasty you’ll choke, says member of the Ancient Assembly of Tire Burners.

I’m not good at poli-predicting, but the ratings conscious president has twice been stung after following McConnell’s lead on endorsing a candidate. I think this will lower his enthusiasm for picking the winning apprentice candidates to endorse based on McConnell’s say so. He could copy off of Bannon whenever possible, but Bannon picked a loser too. What’s an egotestical nightmare of a man who hates being wrong to do?

And that’s before one considers his temper, incredible laziness and short attention – squirrel! These are all factors that contribute the tone of intense uncertainty expressed by most of the Republicans interviewed for the article. It is possible that the vast difference between what they want him to do and the things his likely to do based on the evidence of the past 50 years is so great that they can’t wishful think it away:

  • If he makes up his mind.
  • If he stays on message during campaign appearances.
  • If he doesn’t throw Tweeter tantrums.
  • If he shares his donor/supporter database.
  • If he can tone it down.

Chris Ruddy, a longtime Trump friend, said the president needs to work to broaden his appeal ahead of the midterms.

“President Trump deserves far more credit for his accomplishments, but any president who has those types of numbers loses the House and the Senate,” Ruddy said, referring to recent polling. “He must move to the center. He must be the old Donald Trump — the bipartisan dealmaker who is looking for consensus.”

Ha ha ha! The only people who still admit to liking the man want to hear Crooked Hillary! and Build that Wall! If they went to a campaign rally and he droned about consensus with Democrats, there would be rush for the nearest doors. The Bipartisan Dealmaker is about as likely as Dump sharing his sucker lists with anyone who isn’t named Donald Trump.


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