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Who says local politics are dull? Election Day open thread.

From the Facebook page of Zack Miller

In College Park, Md., the candidates for mayor include a slumlord who specializes in renting buildings that aren’t up to code, and whining when the city goes after him for it. He is supporting the campaigns of two senior college students on the Whateva, I do what I want! ticket.

And then there’s the candidate who is on a mission from God.

Malsawma, who tried to run for mayor in 2015 but didn’t reach the signature threshold to be on the ballot, said she’s running for mayor this year because it is something that “God has led [her] out on.”

“The vision he’s given me is to help make College Park into a place where no evil can thrive,” Malsawma said. “To see it become a city where God’s name is hallowed, his kingdom come and his will is done. A city like none that’s ever been, and that’s my motto. I can’t explain it any other way, that’s my passion.”

Do slimy landlords who appeal to the voters’ ids and certified God-botherers have an excellent chance of winning an election?

Yes. Ugh.

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