DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL, speaks at the Democratic National Committee’s Womens Leadership Forum Issues Conference in Washington, DC on September 19, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Truly, her graspingly perfidious iron grip on the Democratic Party knows no bounds to its perfidy:

From early June 2015 until mid-September of that year, the Democratic National Committee operated without a communications director.

In normal years, this would have been a problematic, perhaps embarrassing, staffing failure—and nothing more. But the timing of this particular vacancy made it operationally catastrophic. Just as the presidential campaign was heating up, the party’s main political arm was understaffed in a key department.

When the committee finally filled the void, it settled on Luis Miranda.
Miranda had served in the Obama administration’s communications shop and was well liked among his peers. One thing he was not, however, was the first, second, or even third choice of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In fact, he hadn’t really been on the campaign’s radar at all. Clinton’s team had sent the DNC several other options for the post, top among them Jess McIntosh, who had been serving at the time as the communications director of Emily’s List. But according to half a dozen sources, their requests were ultimately set aside by then Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was won over by Miranda’s pitch to emphasize her as the election year ramped up.

“Out of the blue they give it to Luis and it is all because he promised her [DWS] more TV time,” said a Democratic source familiar with how the post was filled. “This was September 15th. The number one priority wasn’t taken out the Republicans in Iowa. It was getting the chair more time on TV.”

Wasserman Schultz’s hiring of Miranda underscores the autonomy that she was often afforded inside the walls of the DNC—much to the chagrin of many other Democrats.

It is certainly true that Wasserman Schultz is a hopelessly inept narcissist, but not replacing her hangs on Obama, not Clinton, reflecting his two most salient political weaknesses (conflict aversion and a lack of interest in party building.) But one of the countless problems with the idea that the DNC primaries were RIGGED is that Wasserman Schultz couldn’t rig a gin and tonic if you poured tonic and Tanqueray over rocks into a highball glass and handed her a slice of lime.

The punchline, of course, being that the one DNC action that clearly reflected a bias towards Clinton was Brazile’s decision to inform her that a debate in Flint, Michigan would have a question of about poisoned water, representing the condescendingly counterproductive bungling her new profit-taking book does. While only a Grade A moron would think this had any material effect on the primary, I could definitely do without her ex post facto assertions that she knew Hillary sucked all along and the Democrats could have won if only she could have been empowered to give the party the legendarily blunder-free campaigner Joe Biden at the top of the ticket.

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