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Wisconsin’s Electoral Votes Were Stolen


An essential piece from Ari Berman about vote suppression in Wisconsin and its effects:

On election night, Anthony was shocked to see Trump carry Wisconsin by nearly 23,000 votes. The state, which ranked second in the nation in voter participation in 2008 and 2012, saw its lowest turnout since 2000. More than half the state’s decline in turnout occurred in Milwaukee, which Clinton carried by a 77-18 margin, but where almost 41,000 fewer people voted in 2016 than in 2012. Turnout fell only slightly in white middle-class areas of the city but plunged in black ones. In Anthony’s old district, where aging houses on quiet tree-lined streets are interspersed with boarded-up buildings and vacant lots, turnout dropped by 23 percent from 2012. This is where Clinton lost the state and, with it, the larger narrative about the election.

Berman is also excellent on how both mainstream reporters and some on the left have constructed narratives dismissing the important of vote suppression, in large measure because it might interfere with the always top-priority narrative that Hillary Clinton Sucks. But the attack on Voting Rights is infinitely more important than the contestable campaign tactics of someone who will never run for president again.



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