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It Is Truly Shocking That Trump is Governing Like A Republican


Give McKay Coppins credit — his argument that Republicans could not possibly have anticipated Trump’s unfitness to govern because they assumed that Trump would be a responsible public official just like Tea Party congressmen is some of the best comic writing you’ll read all year:

One of the main reasons so many Capitol Hill Republicans were confident that Trump would settle down and conform to the conventions of the office was that they had followed similar trajectories themselves. In the years since the Tea Party wave of 2010, scores of conservative lawmakers have arrived in Washington fresh off campaigns in which they gave provocative (and sometimes racially charged) stump speeches, made outlandish promises to their grassroots constituents, and generally pledged to act as anti-establishment insurgents hell-bent on disrupting the D.C. status quo.

They attempted to make good on those promises, at least for a while, with dramatic filibusters, government shutdowns, and fiscal-cliff brinksmanship. But over time, many of those same lawmakers have found themselves conforming to the conventions of Washington. They’ve realized that the responsibilities of their office—like constituent services, and dull committee hearings—do not lend themselves to the kind of constant drain-the-swamp revolution that they had campaigned on. And so, they’ve adapted.

Yes, with the Notably Rare Exceptions of government shutdowns and holding the debt limit hostage, Republicans have truly become the adults in the room (note: offer void the second a Democrat returns to the White House.) Like, for example, there was that time they tried to ram through a quarter-assed, substantively horrible, massively unpopular health care bill without holding a sing…hmm. Or there was the time they were able to extend the debt ceiling without needed Democrats to cut a deal wi…wait, hold on. Think of their other major legislative ach…I’ll come in again.

Anyway, it’s truly surprising that Donald Trump doesn’t take governing seriously, and does stuff like try to wreck insurance for lots of people out of spite. No idea where he gets this stuff from, really.

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