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No to Joe


Scott has had many posts on why the fantasy of Joe Biden, Successful Presidential Candidate in 2016, was ridiculous. And lest we forget why Biden is completely unacceptable in 2020, one reason is that he openly longs for the day of segregationist Democratic senators.

Former vice president Joe Biden returned to national politics Tuesday during an afternoon rally in Alabama for Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones, and his speech was a striking departure from his party’s current tone.

As Jones smiled from across the podium, Biden treated the crowd of about 1,000 people to a riff on the Senate’s glory days — days when the party included segregationists.

“I’ve been around so long, I worked with James Eastland,” said Biden, referring to a segregationist senator from Mississippi. “Even in the days when I got there, the Democratic Party still had seven or eight old-fashioned Democratic segregationists. You’d get up and you’d argue like the devil with them. Then you’d go down and have lunch or dinner together. The political system worked. We were divided on issues, but the political system worked.”

Biden talked wistfully about Washington’s old politics, even showing off his vocal impression of the last Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate, Howell Heflin. (Richard C. Shelby, the state’s senior senator, was elected as a Democrat but switched to the GOP in the 1990s.)

I mean, sure, we’d debate whether lynching should be legal, but then we’d have some great steak dinners and scotch and some laughs and then do the same thing the next day. Truly the good old days!

I would vote for Hillary in the 2020 primary before I’d vote for Biden.

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