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Obamacare repeal – this time with extra grift

From the LOC’s Inventory of telephone exchange directories

Once again it’s time to reach out and remind your senators to leave the ACA alone because wrecking the lives of millions of Americans will not un-do Obama’s presidency.

The first draft of Graham-Cassidy-Heller looks like the same repeal-and-replace plans Americans soundly rejected in poll after poll. It would end both Medicaid for people slightly above the poverty line and tax credits for people buying coverage in the individual market, replacing both with a capped block grant that would gradually shrink until it disappeared altogether. The plan also makes deep cuts to Medicaid, weakens federal protections for people with preexisting conditions, and introduces Medicaid caps which limit the spending on low-income kids, seniors and people with disabilities.

But it’s not Graham-Cassidy-Heller’s unpopular policies that are expected to make a repeal effort successful. The secret weapon is a cynical redistribution of federal money from mostly urban, blue states that have expanded Medicaid to rural, red states that did not.

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