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Harvard’s Week Gets Even Worse


Yesterday, we discussed Harvard overriding a decision to admit Michelle Jones to the History Ph.D program, based at lest in part of the well-known sacred moral principle What Would Tucker Carlson Say? Well, capitulating to criticism from vocal reactionaries (pre-emptive or otherwise) is now becoming a hot trend:

Facing harsh criticism, a Harvard dean said early Friday morning that he was revoking his invitation to Chelsea Manning, a former United States soldier convicted of leaking classified information, to be a visiting fellow at the university.

The sudden turnabout by the Harvard Kennedy School came after a day of intense backlash over the university’s announcement on Wednesday that Ms. Manning would become a visiting fellow at the Institute of Politics this school year. Douglas W. Elmendorf, the dean of the Harvard Kennedy School, said that while the university encourages a diversity of opinions and does not shy from controversy, naming Ms. Manning a fellow was a mistake for which he accepted responsibility.

Sean Spicer and Corey Lewandowski are still fellows, though, because of course. Henry Farell explains why he will have nothing to do with the Kennedy School going forward, and I hope other influential academics will join him.

And here’s a little historical flashback to put a bow on things:

The Monday sentencing of philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman for his role in orchestrating a price-fixing scheme between the nation’s top two auction houses will not affect the Kennedy School of Government’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government, said officials at the school yesterday.

Taubman, who donated $15 million in 1988 to found the center, colluded for six years with Sir Anthony Tennant, the former head of rival auction house Christie’s, violating a federal antitrust law by fixing the fees the auction houses charged to sellers.

He was sentenced to a year in prison and will also have to pay a $7.5 million fine.

“No one is above the law,” federal Judge George B. Daniels said at the New York City sentencing.

Kennedy School officials said that programs at the Taubman Center will not be affected.

“Taubman has never really taken any specific interest in us,” said Taubman Center Director Alan Altshuler.

Altshuler said he did not expect the building’s name to change.

In the great scheme of things, [Taubman] has led a very ethical life,” Altshuler said. “His conviction does not mean that his life has not been ethical, or one that Harvard doesn’t want to associate with.”

[Chef’s kiss]

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