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Going to a Methodist Church? You Might As Well Shout “Hail Satan”


Farley convincingly demonstrates why having an independent Air Force is a bad idea. An additional reason that in the American case that the independent Air Force is a disaster is that the Air Force is chock full of total right-wing extremists. Like this Air Force chaplain.

A U.S. Air Force chaplain who ministers to thousands of men and women at an Ohio base is asserting that Christians in the U.S. Armed Forces “serve Satan” and are “grossly in error” if they support service members’ right to practice other faiths.

In an article posted on BarbWire.com three days ago, Captain Sonny Hernandez, an Air Force Reserve chaplain for the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, criticized Christian service members who rely on the Constitution “and not Christ.”

He wrote: “Counterfeit Christians in the Armed forces will appeal to the Constitution, and not Christ, and they have no local church home—which means they have no accountability for their souls (Heb. 13:17). This is why so many professing Christian service members will say: We ‘support everyone’s right’ to practice their faith regardless if they worship a god different from ours because the Constitution protects this right.”

Hernandez continued: “Christian service members who openly profess and support the rights of Muslims, Buddhists, and all other anti-Christian worldviews to practice their religions—because the language in the Constitution permits—are grossly in error, and deceived.”

I guess I almost respect this. Personally, I find religion to be pretty stupid and a curse on the world, even if it’s reason for existing is fairly obvious. But if you are going to believe it, don’t you almost have to believe that other traditions of worshiping are inherently wrong? And shouldn’t that go beyond just Christians disliking Muslims? Weren’t the wars of the Reformation and Counter-reformation justified if you actually believe there is only one true way to Heaven? And shouldn’t that apply to different Protestant sects? If you are Presbyterian, why? If you are Methodist, why? And shouldn’t you be able to answer why the other traditions are inherently wrong and their believers probably going to Hell? I would estimate that over 99% of mainline Protestants in the United States could not even name a doctrinal difference between their own church and other mainline Protestants. Even the decline of the mainline faiths toward evangelicalism is almost certainly more driven by politics, networking, and the more entertaining aspects of megachurches than anything doctrinal. Again, I basically hate all religion so I wish none of this would happen, but if you are a believer, why not go all the way? I mean, obviously I know why this Air Force chaplain should be disciplined and probably released from the reserves and why such a message is completely unacceptable in a military that has lots of Muslim members, but taking all of this context away, the question of belief becomes interesting.

In conclusion, if Satan was to appear in person, wouldn’t he be taller than Al Pacino?

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