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The case of Whiteclay, Nebraska makes for an interesting moral dilemma perhaps worth discussion. It’s probably the worst town in the nation. It literally exists strictly to provide alcohol to the Lakota, who have banned it on the reservation. There is nothing else there but liquor stores. This makes it basically a colonial outpost. There are now calls coming from both activists at Pine Ridge and legislators in Nebraska to crack down on this hellhole, where Lakota drink until the pass out on the side of the road or in a field. The impact of alcohol on indigenous populations is of course tremendous and horrifying and exists in the context of attempted genocide and a lack of hope or work. But as many Lakota point out, this isn’t actually going to stop the drinking. People will find alcohol. We know that prohibition isn’t effective, no matter the drug. So what to do about Whiteclay? I don’t know.

This is also relevant, although the sound is a bit low.

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