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Those Thighs Won’t Rub Themselves!



Here’s a minor innovation in translucently-sourced HILLARY CLINTON IS TOTALLY RUNNING FOR MAYOR stories:

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Clinton is reportedly “thinking” about a run for NYC mayor. “We’re told she was talking to people in her close circle to gauge the level of interest and support in a Clinton candidacy… Our source made it clear … judging from the meeting, so far it’s just talk,” TMZ wrote.

The rumor that Democrats and those in her inner circle were urging her to run originally surfaced in January from the conservative website NewsMax, which just so happens to be owned by a “friend and donor” to Bill Clinton’s campaign. Mainstream outlets like the New York Daily News and the New York Times picked up the story, although reporters hedged their bets that such a run would be unlikely. Either way, the hopeful buzz doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

“Friend and donor of Bill Clinton” is one way of describing the publisher of NewsMax. A much more accurate way of describing him would be “one of the most influential members of Donald Trump’s inner circle.” What an amazing coincidence that rumors of Clinton running all come from anti-Clinton or anti-deBlasio sources!

Anyway, isn’t this all kinda last month? I thought that Hillary Clinton was going to maintain unilateral demonic possession over the Democratic Party by leveraging Chelsea Clinton’s inevitable run for — House backbencher? Parks commissioner? Larchmont school board? Something like that there. And we know she’s running because she sent some negative tweets about Donald Trump? Frankly, I don’t know why the Democratic Party should even bother to hold primaries in 2020 when Chelsea will control the outcome from the Hastings-on-Hudson city council anyway.

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