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More on the adventures of President TrumpNutz

MAGAnuts, how do they work?
MAGAnuts, how do they work?

The coda to Napoleorange’s big rig fun time is one of the many reasons I’ve moved past being annoyed with people who describe him as some sort of mastermind and decided they’re just bigger wastes of carbon and water than he is.

But Thursday’s reality check came with a Trumpian dose of the surreal.

Mr. Trump appeared almost oblivious to the dire situation unfolding in the hours after he hosted a meeting with members of the House Freedom Caucus at the White House, where he made the case Mr. Winston pointed to — that not passing the health bill risks the rest of the Republican agenda.

In the midafternoon, a beaming Mr. Trump climbed into the rig of a black tractor-trailer, which had been driven to the White House for an event with trucking industry executives, honking the horn and posing for a series of tough-guy photos — one with his fists held aloft, another staring straight ahead, hands gripping the large wheel, his face compressed into an excited scream.

At a meeting inside shortly after that, Mr. Trump announced that he was pressed for time and needed to go make calls for more votes.

A reporter informed him that the vote had already been called off.

This is a man with the time management skills of a drunk on half-price pitcher night, possibly because he expects everyone to wait until he’s ready to pretend to work, certainly because he’s an bumbling jackass. But please, by all means let us have another few gazillion breathless admonitions not to let the machinations of the Machiavelli of Manhattan distract us from the real issue.

In the same article, the egomaniac-in-chief fulfills the predictions of those who said he’d blame Speaker Granny Starver if things went sour.

Mr. Trump has told four people close to him that he regrets going along with Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plan to push a health care overhaul before unveiling a tax cut proposal more politically palatable to Republicans.

He said ruefully this week that he should have done tax reform first when it became clear that the quick-hit health care victory he had hoped for was not going to materialize on Thursday, the seventh anniversary of the act’s passage.

Look what you made me do! is the cry adults who can’t learn from their mistakes because in their tiny minds, they never make mistakes.

In other words, the very model of a modern Republican politician, which is the opposite of anything that fits the definition of smart.

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