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When to Primary Blue State Democrats



When I hear the mayor of Baltimore coming out against a $15 minimum wage, I hear “please primary me because I listen more to greedy employers than the city’s working classes. We know from experience after experience that there is little to no evidence that higher minimum wages lead to unemployment. Seattle’s $15 wage has had no negative impact and has not led to businesses closing. And this is Baltimore. This should be completely unacceptable to the city’s voters. With a growing anti-Trump movement looking for targets, as in Rhode Island this should include Democrats who don’t listen to demands for social and economic justice.

Speaking of blue state politics, I am outraged by talk that Larry Hogan and Charlie Baker are unbeatable in 2018. I know that both of these Republican governors of very blue states are popular. But this is the party of Donald Trump. This is a prime time to tie these men to Trump’s policies and make the Republican Party completely anathema in these states. If major politicians don’t go after these two, not only are they missing out on a grand opportunity after two years of Trumpism, but they are also cowards who should be replaced with better leaders.

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