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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Stephen Miller?



With Kellyanne “Bowling Green Massacre” Conway on videotape violating ethic rules, it was Stephen Miller’s chance to do his best Joseph Goebbels impression on the Sunday talk shows. He did not disappoint.

In the clip below, provided by Bradd Jeffrey, Miller simply lies. Nonstop. He argues that voters bussed in from Massachusetts cost Tump and Ayotte victories in New Hampshire. He repeats figures from the long discredited study (thanks, Monkey Cage!) about non-citizens voting. He invoked Kris “Voter Suppression” Kobach as an authority on voter fraud. It was an ugly, disgusting display of falsehoods in the service of partisan propaganda and stripping people of their rights.

Naturally, our President—whose authoritarian dispositions are counterbalanced only by his laziness and incompetence—wanted to make sure that we all know that Miller did a smashing job (also that Mark Cuban’s criticisms are just because he has a sad that Trump wouldn’t be his bestest friend).

But the more important is this: in the clip below, George Stephanopoulos proves, despite some headlines to the contrary, utterly ineffectual. He demands evidence and looks incredulous, but Miller just chews up the time being a lying liar who lies. In turn, Miller effectively turns ABC into a vector of disinformation.

There’s only one solution to Nyhan’s observation. Any journalist whose job description doesn’t include the line “forward Trump Administration propaganda” should impose a blackout on Miller.

A final note: this section of Miller’s interview is downright chilling:

if this is an issue that interests you, then we can talk about it more in the future. And we now have our government is beginning to get stood up. But we have a Department of Justice and we have more officials.

An issue of voter fraud is something we’re going to be looking at very seriously and very hard.

Hold onto your hats, people. More disenfranchisement and democratic backsliding is just around the corner.

Stay mad.
Stay mobilized.
Get organized.

UPDATE: the alternative is to follow Sam Wang’s recommendation:

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