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Betsy DeVos confirmed.

It’s a loss and I think it’s pretty clear that McConnell gave permission to Murkowski and Collins to vote no while knowing that he wouldn’t lose anyone else in the caucus. But it’s an expected loss and it has severely discredited her and the fascist administration that she represents so well. What we need to do is to keep up the pressure on all the remaining nominees, especially that of Nathan Bedford Forrest for Attorney General, while also continuing to publicize and embarrass the administration on the policies coming out of these clown-run departments. I also think this helps to define the fight on public education. Whereas Obama was woefully terrible on public education, his worst policy position by far, Democrats can now stand up with full-throated support for public schools. Congressman Mark Takano has taken a leadership position on this issue and his program is excellent. I would watch people like Cory Booker on this. Booker of course has also been horrible on this issue. If he switches from that, it’s a sign of the pressure working. The Washington consensus on education is dead. Let Republicans own the disaster to follow. Attack, attack, attack. And support good public schools.

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