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Don’t focus on things Trump says, focus on things he’s said he’s done. Sometimes.


Your attention please. Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, wants you to stop talking about what Trunplethinskin is tweeting and start talking about the action he’s getting.

So the idea is everyone wants to talk about the tweets he sent. But I would actually focus on the action he’s getting. Donald Trump is not president yet and he’s getting action, successes and wins, both abroad and here at home.

I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way. In fact, it is possible that Spicer regularly huffs the glue the hairdresser uses to secure the cotton candy to to his boss’s scalp and doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. During the same appearance on ABC’s This Week:

President-elect Donald Trump will continue to use his Twitter account to make major policy announcements once he takes office later this month, his incoming press secretary said Sunday.

“There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s going to do things first and foremost for the American people … Absolutely you’re going to see Twitter,” Sean Spicer said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The fact of the matter is that when he tweets he gets results.

Yes. Trump tweets and as a result people laugh and say look at this lying horse’s ass. Oh, and sometimes a company’s stock tanks, which is Great for Business. Then his press secretary goes on TV to whine and demonstrate he can’t keep track of the words that are falling out of his own face.

Perhaps Spicer’s job will involve letting people know which Trumptweets are we should talk about and which we shouldn’t, so we can laugh at him some more.

So whether it’s Twitter, holding a news conference, picking up the phone, having a meeting, he is going to make sure that he continues to fight for the American people every single day,” Spicer added.

And that’s just more proof of my theory that the right wing is fast approaching the point where its leadership can only communicate with buzzphrases.

“I think it freaks the mainstream media out that he has this following of over 45 plus million people that follow him on social media, that he can have a direct conversation,” Spicer said. “He doesn’t have to have it funneled through the media.”

Or a press secretary; you’re fired!

You can view a clip of his entire appearance at the first link. (Bonus viewing – Spicer’s attempts to dodge around Russia’s interference in the election and suggesting Clinton needs to be punished for … something.) But back to leaving Trump alone.

Everything he does right now, he gets — he speaks [with] the head of Sprint, gets 5,000 jobs moved from abroad. And everyone starts to mock him. Oh, those jobs were already announced. They weren’t. The sales jobs have been a previous announce. These jobs were coming from abroad to America.

And instead of trying to mock him or undermine him, it’s time that people started to give him credit for actually getting things done.

Nah. But it was nice of Spicer to drop a hint that Trump isn’t even in the kitchen but is already complaining about the temperature. Honestly, I’m reminded of Bush II’s administration when it became obvious that the invasion of Iraq was stubbornly refusing to stick to the script of cakewalks and flowers and candy.

Trump is mocked because he isn’t getting anything done. The president-elect is taking credit for things that already happened, or the accomplishments of others. For example, Trump took credit for the good economic numbers in November despite the fact that the growing economy has nothing to do with him because he is not yet the president. Trump took credit for the horrible Carrier deal that Mike Pence negotiated, and Trump is trying to pass off the Sprint job announcement, which he had nothing to do with, as an accomplishment.

And soon we’ll see Trump denying responsibility for fuck ups he had everything to do with. It’s going to be a weird four years.

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