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We are 1/1461 through the Trump administration. Everything today was basically horrible. To top it off, I was at the store this evening getting some supplies for the cat. I realized while I was standing in line and checking my phone that it was at that very spot doing the very same thing that I discovered Antonin Scalia had died, which to me was a sign that this nation was going to be OK for the next several years. Hillary would become president, which wouldn’t really be all that great, but the SCOTUS picks would be and we would survive the rising fascism of the nation’s right.

That worked out well.

Then I got to the cashier. She was Latina and transgender. And all I could think about was how horrible this administration would make her life.

Going to be a long, long, long 4 years.

On the other hand, two positive things.

First, I was driving through Ebensburg, Pennsylvania this afternoon while finding a very exciting grave for the internet’s least important series and ran across this sign. Now this is some old time religion I can get behind.


And then of course, this brilliance.

Now, you might say that you don’t want to see a Nazi get punched. Nonviolence and all. That’s an incorrect stand to take. You should always punch a Nazi. That said, I do have a criticism. Couldn’t they have stuck around for a second and kicked Spencer in the ribs a couple of times?

See also:

As for tomorrow, I wish I could be at the Washington rally, along with my wife, my dissertation advisor, graduate school friends, and former students. Alas. But I will be at the Rhode Island rally. Go raise some hell. Shove in the fascists’ stupid faces.

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