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What on Earth Was the Los Angeles Times Thinking?



The Los Angeles Times is subject to a lot of outrage right now for printing letters to the editor that defended placing Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during World War II. What would cause them to do such a thing? The newspaper has apologized but there are deeper issues at play here. What are the boundaries of acceptable political ideas today? Well, as we are discovering day by day, every single historical issue about which we thought we expressed shame–genocide against Native Americans, slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment–are all now being actively defended by Trump supporters. And because the mantra of the media is that Both Sides Must Be Represented, these absolutely revolting viewpoints are being mainstreamed. This is deeply disturbing and as I have been saying, we are simply going to have to fight this at every juncture. Thanks to all the people who expressed their disgust at the LA Times for this.

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