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Donald Trump: Republican



Once again, it’s worth noting that while there are some things about Donald Trump that are uniquely horrible, most of his appointments are just bog-standard right-wing choices any Republican president would make. He just named Cathy McMorris Rodgers as Secretary of the Interior, a completely expected and utterly horrendous choice to administer the nation’s public lands. Government by Goldman Sachs is exactly what we would have seen with Mitt Romney as president. No real difference with Trump.

Never mind that these cabinet members should be negotiating for you and not with you. Trump was supposed to be an unorthodox Republican, a champion of the (white) working class. Instead his cabinet picks represent mainstays of the Republican elite: neoconservative hawks, Wall Street bankers, climate change deniers, a guy literally nicknamed the “foreclosure king.” His pick for Labor, Andrew Puzder, is even pro-immigration, a classic GOP elite position.

If voters were hoping to express their disgust at both Republicans and Democrats in electing Trump, too bad.

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