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And of course there’ll be sport queerphobia


The National Organization for Hetero Missionary Position Only Marriage has scuttled out from under a log, and not because Brian Brown thought he heard a goat. (The link goes to JoeMyGod, not NOM. JoeMyGod’s adverts may feature attractive men in underpants the size of a credit card.)

Donald Trump has won a historic election, an unprecedented victory that has turned the establishment upside down. We heartily congratulate him and his team on their incredible win. President-elect Trump will now turn his attention to governing, and NOM is committed to working with him. We are confident that our voice and our views will be important in a Trump administration.

Here is our plan:

Anyone who wants the details can click on the link. The five second summary of the plan is to reassert and reinforce shitty cishet people’s right to oppress queer people. Is Trump likely to be very interested? Will supporting it get people to cheer for him? (Yes.) And if he isn’t there’s Mike “Conversion Torture” Pence standing right behind him.

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