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Fascinating theories about football and free speech


When players for the Miami dolphins knelt during the National Anthem, the Thug-in-Chief president of a local police union asked members not to provide escort service for the players until the team made them stand.

So far, so very predictable. What’s interesting about these tantrums is the justification for them, as  Jeffery “Ding-dong” Bell, president of the local IUPA demonstrated with this fresh from the ass assertion about the speech rights of football players:

“I respect their right to have freedom of speech. However, in certain organizations and certain jobs you give up that right of your freedom of speech temporary while you serve that job or while you play in an NFL game,” Bell said.

Ergo, police departments are excused from honoring any contracts they may have with teams employing such players due to the principle of ex parte lorem ipsum and quia ego sic dico.

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