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The Clinton Rules



“Clinton seemed a little smug. Trump appears to be a carbon-based life form. Let’s call it even.”

OK, OK, this is cherrypicking. But how about the host of Meet the Press?

“The guy was completely unprepared. But the woman seemed kinda…over-prepared. Let’s call it even.”

I just hope these reactions — uncannily similar to the spin of the 2000 debates, only with an even more ludicrously inept and witless Republican candidate — will be the exception rather than the rule this time.

It only took 90 minutes, but Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump fell into a rut that reinforced both of their stereotypes. On most issues, Mrs. Clinton relaxed into wonkery – especially on national security – and delivered wooden lines about eagerly awaiting fact-checks. Mr. Trump’s reactions were a mix of favored rally themes and stream of consciousness boasts, and he interrupted with tangents and confusing non sequiturs, often in praise of himself.

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