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Meanwhile at Mos Eisley Camp Trump


One of Trump’s foreign policy advisors has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, including Holocaust denial.

But that could not be so, says Joseph Go- er Schmitz:

“I do not recall ever even hearing of any ‘allegations of anti-Semitism against [me],’ which would be preposterously false and defamatory because, among other reason(s), I am quite proud of the Jewish heritage of my wife of 38 years,” he wrote in an email.

Later in a phone interview, he said his wife was not a practicing Jew but “ethnically Jewish” because her maternal grandmother was a Jew.

The fact that common or garden Repubs spout I <3 Israel drivel to counter accusations of anti-Semitism is more proof that Trump is a True Innovator.

Only 23 camillion days until we can start dreading what the GOP will unleash in 2020. (Cthulhu/Zombie Botha?)

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