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Christmas in November


I wasn’t joking about Trumpers thinking that a Trump presidency would usher in some sort of anti-PC new world order. If you read my earlier entry about an Atlantic interview with a young Trump supporter and you’ve continued to keep tabs on the election, it’s not hard to see a pattern emerging–Trump voters very much believe that a Trump presidency will create some sort of sea change in the nation. People will say “Merry Christmas” again despite never having stopped. Brave men will be free to say all manner of disgusting things about women, immigrants, POC, and LGBT citizens and other folks will stop them in the street thank them for their comedy manna, probably with patriotic blowjobs. Cats and dogs will quit co-habitating. It’ll be Trump Heaven.

I’ve never been entirely clear on how they think this will be accomplished, short of Trump instituting actual fascist rule and/or martial law. I guess that’s a pesky detail they’ve yet to work out in their brain proximities. I don’t recall liberals sitting meekly on the sidelines when George W. Bush sort of won in 2000. I don’t recall conservatives behaving like good little citizens when the Kenyan Usurper changed the White House into the Black House. Actually, I seem to recall conservatives losing their damn minds for eight years straight. I remember the creation of the Tea Party. I remember Sarah goddamn Palin being a thing for far longer than 15 minutes.

Any of you guys figured out how the new United States of Trump will work? Because I haven’t a clue.

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