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A Vote Is An Endorsement



Having it all ways, with Kelly Ayotte:

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has often found herself in a familiar spot with Donald Trump: Keeping her distance.
But in this fiercely independent state, Ayotte is gambling that voters might reward her for rebuking her own party’s nominee. She has criticized Trump and will not endorse him — yet still plans to vote for the billionaire in November.

“I will take on my own party,” Ayotte told CNN in Nashua Monday. “I really believe that this is a big issue in this race — that I am the one candidate that will stand up to whomever is in the White House to do good things when we can work together — also when it’s wrong to stand up to them.”

If you’re voting for Trump you’re endorsing him, a point that needs to be made frequently in ads by Maggie Hassan.

Also, Ayotte voted with the party leadership 85% of the time in 2014 and 84% in 2013. A vote for her is a vote for the vast majority of the Ryan/McConnell agenda, which Donald Trump, the candidate Ayotte supports, would not veto.

In related news, Trump does indeed seem to be taking Republican Senate candidates down with him. Which, if you actually care about progressive policy outcomes, is a sufficient reason for (pace Thomas Frank) wanting Clinton to win by as large a margin as possible.

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