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Famine, War and Death are running a bit late

Due to the condition of Republican delegates from its home state, this bear is going to play it safe and shit in the woods.

But Pestilence is on the scene at the RNCLE.

At least a dozen California GOP staff members at the Republican National Convention have been quarantined in their hotel rooms after becoming ill with what appears to be a highly contagious norovirus, also known as the cruise-ship virus, according to officials from both the California GOP and local health agencies.


The 550-member delegation was warned of the outbreak by state GOP officials in an email at 2:40 a.m. Tuesday. They were advised to avoid shaking hands with others, to wash hands frequently, to avoid sharing food and to not use the delegation buses to the convention if they have any symptoms — all difficult rules to follow at a political convention.

The Greatest Shit Show on Earth!

The delegation is housed at the Kalahari Resort, an African-themed hotel connected to the nation’s largest water park in Sandusky, Ohio, 60 miles from the convention in Cleveland.

Oh dear. The conspiracy theory dopes who are already shrieking about white genocide and The Purge (get it?) are going to explode.

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