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The Sanders Story



Personally, I thought the Politico story dishing on the Sanders campaign was pretty gross, partly for the reasons Scott delineated here. But I also thought Brian Beutler was pretty right on in his short account, noting that despite the outstanding campaign run by Sanders, which in a rational world would lead to lots of great jobs to the people who put it together, it’s not that way:

In the world we actually inhabit, where political operatives are more often judged by their loyalties and networks than by the number of feathers in their caps, Sanders supporters apparently feel they have to leak stories to the press that make the remarkable campaign they ran look petty and dysfunctional lest they be linked to whatever intra-party discord stems from the primary.

Reputations in the political world often bear no connection to observable, quantifiable accomplishments. If that weren鈥檛 the case, Sanders aides would鈥檝e probably held their fire, confident that they鈥檇 be rewarded professionally for proving they could punch high above their weight.

And that’s a gross world.

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