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Out of Sight Reading Group – Only you can save mankind from capitalist scum

Extra credit – Identify this fellow.

This is the final Out of Sight virtual reading group type thing. Loomis is around to take your questions.

A random thought on corporations after finishing the book: This has become, or perhaps it has always been, about power, with profit as an excuse. At least, that’s the only way I can explain corporations’ constant assault on their consumer base. Who, in a world of an underpaid, unhealthy workforce, is supposed to buy all of the crap these companies produce? The handful of white collar sub-C suite drones who haven’t had their jobs outsourced? Good luck.

Maybe the idea is that when things get that bad, U.S.-based corporations will go to its pet Congress and demand a bailout. More likely, the average multi-national corporation is run by a bunch of dim-witted leeches and they haven’t thought that far ahead.

At any rate, it also made me wonder if there’s been any attempt to connect the consumer protest efforts with employee protest efforts. And what has become of the union/environmentalist collaborations of the past. Are those completely dead or is there a chance to bring that back?

As an aside, I’ve been staring at excel spreadsheets for the past three days so I apologize for any typos or gibberish. (Just this once.)

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