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If just everyone was armed, all the gun owners, security guards, and police would use their guns responsibly:

A Mississippi security guard is facing charges after he shot a man suspected of pocketing a candy bar, WAPT reports.

Alvin Gardner was allegedly seen on surveillance camera stuffing a Snickers bar in his pocket and leaving a store without paying for it. The store security guard, Bennie Montgomery, followed him out of the store and fired “warning shots.”

But Montgomery struck Gardner in the back of his right thigh.

“You can’t just discharge a firearm at a fleeing suspect. You can’t do that,” Canton Police Chief Otha Brown said. “The security guard should have known that when the suspect ran out the store, the threat was over. There was no need to discharge a firearm.”

Montgomery has been charged with aggravated assault, WAPT reports.

Seems like someone’s Second Amendment rights are being violated here! If you can’t shoot someone over a candy bar, soon those criminals will be invading our homes and kidnapping our children!

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