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This is the grave of Eugene Stoner. Born in 1922 in Gosport, Indiana, Stoner grew up in Long Beach, California. After graduating from high school there, he got a job with the Vega Aircraft Company, which was a major subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Stoner’s job was installing armaments and he was good at this. During […]
When racists talk about “protecting our borders” and stopping immigrants from coming to the U.S., it’s the biggest act of intentional self-denial and ignorance in history. Nearly every reason for migration from Mexico and Central America is directly related to the United States, even if the U.S. is not wholly responsible. When we dump our […]

Fire Away

On May 28, 2020

Libs, do you feel owned yet? Gun people are taking pictures of themselves aiming weapons at their dicks. The safety is off, their finger hovers on the trigger, and the barrel of the weapon is pointed

All the freaking out about migrants from Mexico and Central America completely ignores how the U.S. itself destabilizes these places in a wide variety of ways, including its corporate policies, its drug habits, and its geopolitical ambitions. It also destabilizes the region due to its gun fanaticism. As you may have heard, the Sinaloa Cartel […]
Americans tell many myths about themselves that greatly damage the rest of the world. Of course, all peoples tell myths about themselves, but the U.S. has the geopolitical power to impose them on others. One of the most pernicious myths is that the United States is good for the world, a beacon of freedom and […]
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