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My GOP, why hast thou forsaken me?


It is cloudy and drizzly and far more like March than May here. Do many thanks to Commentarion Origami Isopod for a much needed guffaw or three in the form of an article about how very abandoned sad and lonely Evangelical-Americans feel now that the GOP seems to be turning from Red to Orange.

Fuller and other conservatives whose voting decisions are guided by their Christian faith …

Or at least that special brand of conservative Christian faith that is less like a religion and more like an elaborate revenge fantasy involving angels.

… find themselves dismayed and adrift now that Trump has wrested control of the Republican Party.

Because they aren’t sure Trump will make trampling all over women and LGBT people a top priority of their administration. Sad!

It is a sentiment that reaches from the small, aluminum-sided church with a large white cross on its front that Fuller and his wife built on the Nebraska plains to the highest levels of American religious life. Even progressive Christians — evangelicals and Catholics, among others — who don’t necessarily vote Republican are alarmed that Trump is attracting many voters who call themselves religious.

Alarm would be an odd emotion in this case. Anyone feeling alarmed would have missed the fact that many of the people who run their faces about how much they luv Yesuha ben Yosef and want to be just like him really mean they want to be like their conception of Jesus: A 500′ tall Rambo/John Wayne/Buff Ronald Reagan cyborg that breathes fire, shoots bullets from its fingers and can crush a hundred liberals at a time beneath its mighty feet.

I think a more appropriate emotion would be resignation. Or perhaps embarrassment.

Cruz crusaded for social issues, making opposition to the transgender bathroom law one of his biggest fights at the end of his candidacy. The gambit failed when the senator from Texas lost badly to Trump in Indiana, a state that passed a controversial religious freedom law last year that led to a heated fight few want to relitigate.

“Trying to use social issues as primary issues to define a campaign has not borne out as effective for those candidates who embraced it,” said Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, which advocates for conservative gays and lesbians.

And then he went back to ROFLOL.

Moore said many evangelicals are “horrified” to have to choose between Trump and Clinton. More conservative evangelicals like Moore are concerned about moral and social issues. Gushee said that progressive ones such as himself and the other letter-signers are worried about the “bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny” they see from Trump.

As opposed to the same from the rest of the GOP. Oh well, I guess it’s interesting to see were people will draw some sort of line.

Despite this, many self-described evangelicals have cast ballots for the brash New Yorker. Trump has captured about a third of the vote of white born-again or evangelical Christians and tends to do well among evangelicals who don’t frequent church. He has also won the endorsement of leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, where Trump spoke this year and where Cruz announced his candidacy in March 2015.

If the non-church frequenters get their religion from the TV it would make perfect sense that they’re taking to Trump. He’s just as loud, incoherent and flashy as any other televangelist.

Fuller said some voters of faith he has spoken with in recent days simply want to stop Clinton from becoming president. His sister is one; she plans to vote not so much for Trump but against Clinton. Others in Nebraska are still holding out hope at the long-shot idea that Cruz, whose name is still on the ballot, will somehow win the state and get back in the race. Still others are intrigued by the idea of a third option, a notion one of this state’s Republican senators, Ben Sasse, has pushed for on social media.

I wonder if they’ve considered the power of prayer?

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