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“Have You Seen this Shitfest Yet?”


Our own Origami Isopod sent me a link, asking if I’d seen the Crooked Timber entry about sexual harassment. I had not. But I remedied that. In fact am still reading through the (awful, awful, awful) comments. And you should, too, if you like the feeling of bashing your head against drywall.

It’s interesting to me that in so many cases when women say “Here’s my experience, it’s been bad, can we do something about it?” the first reaction men have is to empathize with the people who are making things bad for women. It’s like some bizarre compulsion. Like they just cannot bear to think “Hey, maybe something’s gone amiss here. How can I help make things better?”

That being said, I’m still convinced that Crooked Timber regular, bob mcmanus, is doing some kind of Kaufman-esque performance art. All his posts are truly a thing of beauty. The revolution will come some day, my brother.

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