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Tyler Perry’s “White Genocide” Starring Tyler Perry


On twitter I follow a lot of smart people, funny people and political people. I use twitter as a news and humor aggregate so I do not hate-follow people. I got out of that game as soon as I stopped paying attention the garbage fire of a movement, Gamergate. But once in awhile I’ll end up seeing something comically awful in my feed anyway and morbid curiosity will get the better of me. Something that popped up in my timeline recently was a tweet from this account, deliciously-named “WhiteMotivation.”

Racist twitter is a grotesque inadvertently hilarious place, full of put-upon “everything is genociding white people” rhetoric. There’s even a #WhiteGenocide hashtag. Because I think genocide of any kind is wrong, here is a list of things you can avoid lest bring about THE WHITE GENOCIDE. Avoid/protest these genocide-triggering things:

    1. The Oprah Winfrey Network


  • Beyonce videos/halftime shows



  • Chocolate frostys



  • Hot fudge banana splits (YOU KNOW WHY)



  • Books/articles/tweets/thoughts/looks from Ta Nehisi Coates



  • “Empire”



  • Any and all “Madea”-themed movies



  • Kevin Hart standup



  • Inclement weather



  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson TED talks



  • Jazz



  • Hip-hop/rap



  • Rock music



  • All music, really




I’m sure  I will think of more soon, because just about anyone/anything that is not a horriblyt racist is out to get white people and make them eat hummus or something.

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